A Ramblin' Man Is a Ramblin' Man

Chords: G, C

A steel wheel rides a steel rail and a rubber wheel rides the road.

The ground underneath my boot heels burns right through my soul, right through my weary soul.

Wild fire travels on a wayward wind through a field of broken dreams.

Your memory flies through my restless heart on fallen angel’s wings.


I wish I could have stayed. I wish I could have changed.

But a ramblin’ man is a ramblin’ man by any other name, by any other name

Some men are made to plant their feet and stay right where the are.

Some build their homes on the shifting sands beneath the shooting stars, the bright shining stars.

A women like you was born to love with a kind and gentle hand.

But I was born a rolling stone and I’ll die a ramblin’ man.


Someday you may forgive me for leaving you all alone.

But I can’t deny the wanderlust and the call of the open road, the call of the open road.