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Our Mission

To be a great resource for lyrics and chords sheets for bluegrass musicians and provide information about jam sessions and festivals.

Who We Are

It feels strange referring to myself as a we… so my name is Dennis! I am the owner of this site and I’m hoping to get more and more people involved to create more content.

A Little bit About Me

Like I said my name is Dennis Stepp and I am a software developer in Knoxville, TN. I’m also a game/web developer with Unibear Studio, and stage manager/web developer with the Earl Park Fall Festival Foundation. My interests include: process and workflow optimization, automation, JAMstack technologies, software architecture, object oriented languages, game development. I also collect retro PC/console video games, dabble in gardening and woodworking. I have a passion for craft beer and bluegrass music. I play recreational ice hockey because I have enough than enough free time (not really).

How to Contribute

If you would like to contribute to the site the process is a bit technical. This site is still in the very early days of development and many of the features we hope to have frankly have not been developed yet. However if you are so inclined, the source code for this site is open source and you can find instructs on how to contribute to the project on GitHub here.


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